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March 4, 2013
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Bonemergeable Pony Props Release by Poninnahka Bonemergeable Pony Props Release by Poninnahka
Picture made by :iconkawaiiastrix: out of boredom, but I think it's perfect for a release pic.

So, count this one as a bonus. I kept telling you about a pony prop pack back in the days, so I think it was the time for that already :P The pack contains 56 props ranging from vests to headgear to jewelry and everything except ragdolled cape can be bonemerged on ponies. Too lazy for a complete list, but I'm sure you'll find something nice in there.

Notice that these won't work with V3 or not-normal sized ponies. Only V1 females (limited), my males and the new ponies are supported.

Get them here: filesmelt: [link] , mediafire: [link] , Workshop: [link]

~Poninnahka : Model Designer/Rigger, Head of Project
~Chiramii-chan : Model Designer
Yukitoshii: Phoneme Designer/Preview Animations
~gonzalolog : Model Resources/Designer
*KP-ShadowSquirrel : Original Model Maker
~oogaboogaman : Original Model Importer for Source Engine
MrMentleman: Ponyville Map Author/Creator
~ata64 : Ponyville Map Editor/Converter

Official testing team:
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BB-K Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know about this,
here ya go :)
a list of file contents that gives an idea of what can be found in there : 
I excluded the materials folder as i didnt see it pertinent to the cause of listing contents...  
I was bored. Your welcome. 


 Directory of E:\Downloads\pony_props\pony_props\mlp_overhaul\models\props_pony

02/20/2013  10:54 PM            66,856 bowtie_octavia.dx80.vtx
02/20/2013  10:54 PM            66,856 bowtie_octavia.dx90.vtx
02/20/2013  10:54 PM             3,920 bowtie_octavia.mdl
02/20/2013  10:54 PM             1,649 bowtie_octavia.phy
02/20/2013  10:54 PM            66,832 bowtie_octavia.sw.vtx
02/20/2013  10:54 PM           209,920 bowtie_octavia.vvd
03/03/2013  05:55 PM            66,820 bowtie_octavia_male.dx80.vtx
03/03/2013  05:55 PM            66,820 bowtie_octavia_male.dx90.vtx
03/03/2013  05:55 PM             3,928 bowtie_octavia_male.mdl
03/03/2013  05:55 PM             1,942 bowtie_octavia_male.phy
03/03/2013  05:55 PM            66,796 bowtie_octavia_male.sw.vtx
03/03/2013  05:55 PM           209,664 bowtie_octavia_male.vvd
02/28/2013  10:02 PM            38,242 cape_trixie.dx80.vtx
02/28/2013  10:02 PM            38,242 cape_trixie.dx90.vtx
02/28/2013  10:02 PM             5,980 cape_trixie.mdl
02/28/2013  10:02 PM            13,360 cape_trixie.phy
02/28/2013  10:02 PM            38,162 cape_trixie.sw.vtx
... etc... 

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BB-K Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not so sure, ever since I download the Female Overhaul pack, I notice that once I bring up Applejack into SFM, her scarf has missing texture. What's wrong? Am I missing the Pony Props texture or something?
KevinPony11 Dec 6, 2013  Professional Filmographer
how do i put in a scarf in the models
Poninnahka Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It depends on if you're using Gmod or SFM. In Gmod there's a workshop tool called bonemerger, which has instructions with it, and I know you can even lock non-bonemergeable props to characters somehow, I suggest asking :iconsfm-ponies: about that.
KevinPony11 Dec 8, 2013  Professional Filmographer
never mind anymore i did it and the error i think was a hidden " in the notepad or something so its ok now X)
KevinPony11 Dec 7, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Im trying to add a winter scarf in an oc on sfm by using notepad or notepad++ and when i try typing $bodygroup "winter_scarf"
then the winter scarf one in accessories but then it says error and it says about the word "winter_scarf" any suggestions =/
Poninnahka Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need the exact error message it gives and possibly the QC, but I'd assume the name is not correct. Try with the name "scarf_winter_female" or male depending on the gender of your character. If it doesn't work, put the QC into and give me the link, same thing with the error message.
KevinPony11 Dec 7, 2013  Professional Filmographer
im talking about the $bodygroup one,not the accessories one i looked at the vft of the accessories and it said "winter_scarf" and i tried typing it in and pasting it in and then your suggesting but when i saved and pressed "compile" only the words i tried and what you suggested but it still says "ERROR: unknown command "winter_scarf.qc"and to the others i tried <=/
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