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Hello everyone! 

It's again time to get some fresh blood into the 3D team of The Overmare Studios ( ) in the form of modelers and animators. If you can handle a 3D modeling software, don't know what you're going to do with all the free time you have and/or you're interested of contributing in the development of the standalone game Fallout: Equestria, then keep on reading. If you're not interested, then, uh, keep reading if you want?

Wait, the title says SFM animators? A little explaining might be in order, so I'll make this short. I'll be honest, the animation department in the team has been quite slow and small for a while now and we haven't been able to find any good talents to fill our ranks (or the good ones have been very busy). So we decided to start looking for alternative solutions, namely the SFM community, since the activity and talent there is quite something. We knew that skeletal animations can be exported from SFM to be used on Source models, but what if they could be converted to other formats and ported on other platforms? Yukitoshii and me (and our lovely director Dragmaister checking results on Unity's end) did some poking around and long story short, we actually found a way to convert the skeletal animation and use it in our game. This means that if an animator knows SFM well but can't use any professional tools, he's still able to fully contribute in the project.

So, what the animators need to know? If you're an SFM animator, all you need to know is how to make smooth, fluent and natural skeletal animations based on given instructions and using the given models. 
If you're a normal animator, as in you use Maya, Blender or any other similar program, you need to know how to create an IK rig (already made for Maya and Blender users), how to create natural looking skeletal animations based on given instructions and using given models, and how to export them as an FBX. 
There's still artistic freedom in both cases. The animations must be technically correct, as in the starting and stopping locations need to be correct and they must include the required actions, but other than that the animations are up to the animator to decide. Depending on the animation the animator may have complete freedom or barely any freedom at all, but in most cases only the looks of the animation are what matters.

What the modelers need to know? Well, even modeler's requirements have gone down a notch, since now the modeler only needs to know how to make detailed models, texture them properly, create a specular map and bake normal maps using a high poly model. Knowing how to make semi realistic textures and organic models including rigging are a huge plus, but not required, however things will be more easier for everyone if you didn't have to learn those in the project. Of course the models need to match the given descriptions or concepts, but in some cases the modeler is free to design the model on his own. Tools don't matter as long as you're able to export the models in FBX-format and the textures in PSD or TGA, and as long as the quality is good.

Again, I know there are quite talented people around, so if you know your trade and have too much time on your hands, why not put that time into good use? If you are interested, contact me directly via Skype (nahkamestari) or preferably submit an application in our site . Remember to give good examples of your work in both cases, I'm not letting anyone in the team with just smooth talking =P And for those who want to help but are not animators or modelers, you can help by spreading the word.

Of course, all teams are still open for new members, so if you know Programming, Game Designing, Script Writing, 2D Art, Sound Effects or Voice Acting, feel free to submit an application.

That's it for this time, over and out.

EDIT: Notice that only skeletal animations can be used, eyeposing and expressions will not work. Sorry for any inconveniences


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Niko Korhonen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So, I'm a 3D modeler, been making models for a few engines for some time now, mainly for Source. I'm only a hobbyist, meaning that I do this just for fun and I don't get or want any kind of profit from what I make. I'm not too picky about what I make as long as it's interesting, but I only make what I want to make and only for myself (as in, I make what I would use at the moment, but it will most likely be released for public).

On this account I'll be concentrating on ponies, since they have been taking quite a chunk of my attention recently. In addition to models, I have also picked up drawing after several years, so I may or may not occasionally show some pencil sketches or concepts.

I'm also the 3D and QA team leader in Fallout Equestria -game project. WIP shots and sneak peeks are possible, but I'd consider them as rare treats.

So, what to expect: pictures about pony WIPs, Gmod poses, drawings, pretty much whatever I feel like doing and is good enough to show off.


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A question: Do you keep OC model pony OC's? Because I have found in you're galery a picture called ''OC request'' So I have think, lets try it xD
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